Kurt Brindley

Per chance, per choice, somehow you’ve managed to land on Kurt Brindley’s cyberspot, the place where he likes to amalgamate morphemes. You’re probably unaware, but Kurt has amalgamated a significant mass of morphemes over the years, morphemes such as those that have become the words of which you are reading right now. Others of which have become the words that are scattered everywhere else around this site. And still others of which are being used as the words for a novel about the harsh realities of life in the navy during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell era, a book of poetry, and some other things. He is currently in the process of amalgamating new morphemes that will become the words for a serialized saga called Heroes of Dystopia. The first book in the saga is Hercules Gone Mad. If interested, you can learn more about his books by clicking on their covers.

So, regardless the whys or hows of your visit, thanks for stopping by. While you’re here take your time, look around, check out all the morphemes that have been amalgamated just for such occasions.

The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate SailorPoems from the RiverHercules Gone Mad Book Cover